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    MyManager™ Website

    This is the gateway for business project management application MyManager™.

    R&D-LabMan™ Website

    The website is built on Wordpress, and highly dynamic. It is the webpage for unique research project management application R&D-LabMan™.

    MyManager™ Application

    MyManager™ is a novel business project management application that helps real time monitoring and control of all relevant activities and performances of a business.

    R&D-LabMan™ Application

    R&D-LabMan™ is the next generation management system for research and laboratory management built on PHP technology.

    Team Akaike

    This is a site for Academic Laboratory, and has been highly praised by top-professors across the globe. It works as a one-stop activity center for the research and public relation function.

    Active Bit

    This is the website for a Japanese company engaged in public relations, human resources training, and offshore development. It has significantly increased traffic to the site compare to their old site.

    Tokyo Oncology Professional

    This is an interactive site targeting for international medical professionals for higher professional training in cancer treatment in top institution in Japan.


    The apriori is a Japanese digital media company mainly dealing with science and technology field. This site is under evaluation by apriori before airing.


    DarkRoom is a Canada-BD joint venture digital media company with huge client popularity. This website represents the diverse activities of this multidisciplinary company in a highly effective format.


  • Very useful tool for data management, resource management and assessment of individuals as well as overall assessment of projects.

    Waliul Khan, MBBS,PhD,FRCPath

    Associate Professor, Dept. of Pathology & Molecular Medicine
    McMaster University

  • A very simple, secure and effective software for managing research project; excellent to track project and team performance in real-time!

    M. A. Jafar Mazumder, PhD

    Assistant Professor
    King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
    Saudi Arabia

  • MyManager™ is a great deal for keeping the project reports, tracking the progress, updates of inventories, smooth communication, and secured data sharing for professional research teams.

    Nihad Adnan

    Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • The system increases transparency in lab and diminishes misunderstandings; some people are motivated with it but some people feel uncomfortable to be exposed to transparent environment.

    Akira Kato, PhD

    Assistant Professor
    Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • WOW! Never been imagined so helpful management system for our diverse projects! MyManager™ has changed my view for effective project management!

    Ripon Nag

    Managing Director
    Dark Room Ltd

  • The lab website looks really great. I really like that. I have also learned a lot from the website.

    Anup Kundu, D.Eng

    Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biology
    Xavier University of Louisiana

  • What a wonderful, exciting homepage!! It is full of so many excellent ideas and great accomplishments, and it is beautifully presented.

    Allan S. Hoffman, ScD

    Emeritus Professor , Dept. of Bioengineering
    University of Washington

  • What a wonderful web-page! I am pleased to see how it will be very helpful for public relations of relevant activities.

    Shigehisa Hirose, PhD

    Professor and Ex Dean , Dept. of Biological Sciences
    Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • Unbelievably attractive and effective presentation style for complex research activities! Never imagined for such a brilliant website that is tremendously helpful for our public relation activities.

    Toshihiro Akaike, PhD

    Professor Emeritus , Tokyo Institute of Technology, and
    FAIS Biomaterial Research Center

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